Krystal Steal is a Hot Temptress in Red Lingerie

Monday, March 20, 2017

Krystal Steal knows how to pick her colors. She looks heavenly in white, slutty in black, and is an absolute danger-girl in red. That silk and lace hugs every curve in an extra special way and any man she wears it for knows he’s in for a very hot time.

Krystal poses and works her body to perfection, knowing how good she looks and how desirable she is. When she starts revealing all her perfect curves, cocks everywhere stand to attention in salute. She spreads her legs and the aching begins – a strong desire to fill that tight wet hole takes over even the strongest male mind.

This bitch is so hot, even gay men stand up and say hello. Nothing would feel better than plunging in and enjoying the ride!

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Krystal Steal is Pussy Licking Pro

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Krystal Steal and her friend love to play dress up. Today they are all dolled up in glowing white lingerie, giving the appearance of innocence belied by their sultry pouts.

These girls know that they are about to get it on in a serious way, and they love knowing you are watching them do it. It begins with some well-placed nipple licking, getting their cunts warmed up and oozing. Nibbling those taut nipples comes next, and that’s when the moaning starts. With pussies ready, it’s time for some tongue action, tasting hot moist lips and leading up to hot little clit buttons, aching with need.

There’s no cock in the room, but fingers can fill up the needs of an aching cunt, too, while a well-placed tongue on asshole adds a lot of thrill. They say only women know how to please women, and when you see these two cook in a kitchen, you know that it must be true!

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Krystal Steal Pleasures Herself Outside

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Krystal Steal knows how to fill out a bra and panties, doesn’t she? She looks so fetching in her sailor reminiscent lingerie, her voluptuous breasts threatening to bust out of the cups. But when she starts sliding that material off her hot, fuckable body and pinching her nipples to perfect hardness, it’s a sight to behold.

She slides all that confining material off and spreads her legs in a number of positions, showing you all the delicious ways she wants to be fucked. She’s aching for something rock hard and hot plunging into her wet and wondrous depths. Do you think you’re man enough to please a woman this horny?

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Krystal Steal is One Hot Slut in Black Lingerie

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Krystal Steal is outrageously fuckable and any real man would certainly agree. Just seeing her with her long blonde hair hanging all disheveled over her filmy black negligee is enough to make a man so hard he just about has to take his pants off for some relief. But that’s only the beginning!

When she reaches down between her legs, you just know there’s some serious heat going on down there. One hand reaches up to stroke a hard delicious nipple and I go weak in the knees as all the blood rushes to my cock. But when she lays on her side and shows her swollen pussy lips, I’m ready to shove in there deep and have my way!

I want her straddling my cock while she rides to glory. It should be illegal to look that seriously fuckable. Unless she’s in my bed, of course!

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Krystal Steal Needs Some Old-Fashioned Action

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Krystal Steal is aching with need. Dressed in beautiful flowered panties and bra and looking classy in her lovely choker and bracelets, her throbbing lust is still apparent on her face. When a woman has needs this strong, only a real hot stud can fill them.

She knows you’re the right guy and she’ll lay back and entice you to get the job done right. If that doesn’t work, she’s happy to start stripping, knowing that the view of her perfect naked breasts will get you more interested. If you need more enticement than that, feast your eyes on her gorgeous slit as she bends over and fingers it just for you.

You know you’d love to slide deep into her warmth and fuck her hard from behind, until you both collapse in a pile of orgasmic goo!

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Krystal Steal Gets Wet And Wild In The Pool

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Krystal Steal just loves being naked in a pool. Wearing only a flowing red and gold cover up because she likes the way it teases and drapes around her body, she is blonde and glowing perfection in the water. She especially loves the delicious silky feel of it caressing her warm cunt in the water while the cool air kisses her taut and aching nipples.

It pleases her so well, she needs a cigarette after, while she lounges in the water basking in the afterglow. Look more closely though, and you’ll realize that she’s only sucking on that coffin nail because she is really aching to suck on something much longer, thicker, and filled with cum-deliciousness.

When she’s done sucking on some throbbing manhood, she wants to feel it slide deep inside her insatiable snatch where it can work her into a frenzy. It takes a real man to please a hot bitch like this.

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Krystal Steal Loves Girl on Girl Fucking

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Krystal Steal is serious hotness. When she looks at you with those beautiful hazel eyes, blonde hair all loose and hanging down around her bare breasts, she can just melt you into a pile of cum. But when her hot assed girlfriend gets her tongue all up in Krystal’s hot, wet cunt, things start sizzling right over to the boiling point.

Krystal loves working over her woman’s nipples. She knows just the right way to nibble and lick them into hard little points of perfection. Biting them until her hot bitch is moaning and panting with desire. Krystal works the girl up so much that she starts moaning about how much she wants to suck on some hard, throbbing cock and Krystal does her best to help with her crystal dildo, giving the slutty blonde something hard to wrap her tongue around.

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Krystal Steal Knows How to Treat a Pussy

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Krystal Steal is hot for a little girl on girl action and with her slutty blonde girlfriend, she’s going to get it done right!

Starting out in fishnet stockings always does the trick, along with a little nipple pinching to warm things up. Just in time too, so she can slide those warm fingers into her slutty friend’s aching wet pussy, getting them in there nice and deep until those cunt walls start vibrating with orgasm.

When the juices start flowing, Krystal can’t resist lapping them up. She loves her tongue against all that warm, tasty flesh. She’ll keep her bitch cumming until she begs her to stop, and then Krystal will still go back for more!

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Krystal Steal Fucks Her New Sex Toy

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Krystal Steal really needs a good fucking and she went out to buy herself a special toy for the occasion. The gorgeous blonde is hot for cock, licking her vibrator as she imagines wrapping her luscious lips around a throbbing rod of manflesh.

She caresses it between her full breasts before straddling the long hardness as it slides into her juicy hole. She craves every position she can imagine – fucking herself while on her back and side and then from behind, her vibrator making her cunt pulse with one exquisite orgasm after another.

Krystal knows exactly how to pleasure her perfect body and loves it when she knows she’s being watched. Nothing makes her wetter or hornier and only a real man can make her cum harder. But when a good man is hard to find, a vibrator is a Krystal’s best friend.

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Krystal Steal Knows How To Rack Up Your Balls

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Krystal Steal is a pool shark all the way. When she puts on her pink bandana and takes off her clothes, you know she means business. This blonde beauty knows just how to handle a long hard stick and balls, and her plush titties are just the distraction she needs to throw you off her game.

Her wet pink love hole is in serious need of attention and she spreads it open to show you just where to shoot. Take that long stick firmly in hand and aim right for her inner pocket. Your balls will score and the moaning you hear will be her getting off on how well you play the game.

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Krystal Steal licked by Briana

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Krystal Steal getting her slit licked by Briana Banks
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Krystal Steal in pink lingerie

Friday, February 3, 2017

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Krystal Steal outside posing in sexy pink lingerie which gets taken off
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Krystal Steal gets fucked at school

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Principal Blade talks to Krystal Steal about her unacceptable antics in a few of her classes. She is being accused of using her cell phone during lectures and even smoking in the washrooms. Krystal Steal doesn’t give a fuck and gives him attitude. Principal Blade knows there is only one way to make this little bitch shut up: by putting a big dick in her mouth!
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Krystal Steal in lez pussy action

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Krystal Steal and Sophia Rossi get down to some serious licking action

Krystal Steal kitchen lez fun

Saturday, January 21, 2017

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Krystal Steal licks her girlfriends sweet pussy in the kitchen
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Krystal Steal gets licked by Brea Bennett

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Krystal Steal gets her pussy licked by Brea Bennett

Krystal Steal shows off her great tits

Friday, January 13, 2017

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Krystal Steal takes off her white bra and skirt to show off her great tits

Krystal Steal exposes her big melons

Monday, January 9, 2017

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Krystal Steal slips off her green dress and exposes her big melons

Krystal Steal in stockings

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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Krystal Steal in black stockings looking at her gorgeous body in her bathroom mirror
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Krystal Steal in red lingerie

Saturday, December 31, 2016

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Krystal Steal strips off her sexy red floral lingerie